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221 Trees, a new generation of independent artist, records the hidden mind behind each subtle facial expression by means of simple black & white line structure to reflect the origin of art work itself and return to the essence of thoughts. Her thoughts and ideas are simply delivered through her painting. She will bring us an even deeper & unique point of view via her art in the future.

2004 "Juming Museum Arts Corridor" , Taiwan

2005 "Juming Museum Arts Corridor" , Taiwan 

2005 "ROYAL FREE ART PARTY Display Artist" at Taipei Artist Village ,Taipei

2005 "ROYAL FREE ART first stage associated exhibition" at Taipei Artist Village ,Taipei

2005 "Brand RushStyle two years party Display Artist" , Tainan

2005 "FUBON &PPAPER associated competition excellent" ,Taipei 

2006 "ROYAL FREE ART second stage associated exhibition" at Taipei Artist

Village ,Taipei

2006 "Juming Museum Arts Corridor" , Taiwan

2006 "Nanospore Customs Exhibition 02" Artists associated exhibition ,Taipei

2006 "hello!hello!hello! " Artists associated exhibition at SAM ,Taipei

2006 "RushStyle live painting show" at Tainan Woman's University , Tainan

2006 " Taipei Fine Arts Award " at Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taipei

2007 " TAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL—Designer Toy Awards " at Taipei Living Mall ,Taipei

2007 "Bravo.Ta!wan designer Week! " at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taipei

2007 "Mega Boxing-xiang gang Christmas artist box exhibition " , Hong Kong

2007 "Rainbow-wave Model of cross-border dolls exhibition " at Taipei Fine Arts Museum,Taipei

2007 "Taiwan designer toy exhibition @ Singapore Design Festival " at Singapore Design and Exhibition Center ,Singapore

2008 "PLAYWITH_ZAZA designer toys exhibition" at Shanghai Exhibition Center,Shanghai

2008 " Vinyl Music Show " atDunNan Eslite Gallery,Taipei

2008 "logoogol brands combined Show " at PIXIE GALLERY,Taipei

2009 " CowParade Taipei 2009 " at Huashan Arts Center,Taipei

2009 " EASTPAK live painting show" at Breeze Center, Taipei Chung ,Taipei

2013 " The Delight of Chinese Character Festival " , Kaohsiung,Taiwan

2014 "Juming Museum Arts Corridor" , Taiwan

2014 "Street Fun " , MOCA Taipei ,Taiwan

2014 Land Life,Taiwan

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Showing 1 - 12 of 25 items